The Benefits of Membership

Advocate – Educate – Collaborate

You insure the most valuable things in your life – things like your house and your car – why would you not insure your job? ALOTA is the only organization dedicated to be your professional advocate as an occupational therapy practitioner (and future practitioners for our students). It takes resources to do this. This is done through your membership dues and attending our continuing education offerings. We regularly offer some of the most cost efficient and highest quality continuing education opportunuties in the state. But it is more than just continuing education – our events are designed to promote networking and collaboration in settings that encourage a work-play balance. Do your part. Not a member? Join today, it is easy – just click on the link below. Past member but need to renew? Also easy! Just follow the link. And then make sure you join us in the fall at the beach!


Membership Prices


1 Year Membership: $75.00

2 Year Membership: $125.00

Monthly Membership: $7.25/month


1 Year Membership: $55.00

2 Year Membership: $95.00

Monthly: $4.75/month


1 Year Membership: $30.00



Associate Membership

This group supports and promotes occupational therapy, yet are not eligible for any other membership category. An Associate Member may be an individual or a corporation who seeks to partner with ALOTA or promote the profession of occupational therapy. Individual and Corporate options available. Please download the ALOTA Associate Membership description for more information.


 *You can join by mail. Please download the ALOTA Associate Membership Application.